Oxyvent awards


At Oxyvent, we have the Accreditations, Certifications and Awards to give you peace of mind that you are choosing the right product.

  • The Oxyvent Tank is Fully Patented
  • The Oxyvent Tank received the first ever square pressure vessel certification of design
  • The Oxyvent Tank was awarded a silver medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva Switzerland in 2001
  • The Oxyvent Tank won 2 Gold medals in 2014 at America’s largest Invention trade show in Pittsburgh
  • Oxyvent are the very first Company to reduce the standard Delta T of 11°C to just 2°C in all water based heating systems worldwide
  • Independently tested
  • The Oxyvent Tank has a CE Mark
  • The manufacturing process and design of the Oxyvent Tank is Certified by TUV
  • The Oxyvent Tank is manufactured in mass volumes on an automotive production line by the VDL Group in the Netherlands to ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001 quality certifications, and with Environment Certificate ISO 14001

What our customers have to say

“I always had problems with my heating system and I had the Oxyvent Tank installed about ten years ago and since then all my radiators are heating properly and I did not have to vent them at all since. I am totally delighted with it and I would say that the fuel saving is in the region of 30% to 35%. Most of my family and friends have an Oxyvent installed at this stage and are completely delighted with it.”

Kay Griffin, Co. Kerry

“We have the Oxyvent Tank for about ten years, before installing it we had radiators not heating all the way through, they were cold at the bottom throughout the house, even though they were cold we were burning quite a lot of oil, so we decided to have the Oxyvent Tank installed, the difference was amazing we had even heat throughout the house all of the radiators were heating and we were burning less oil, a saving of 30 to 35% I would say, so getting the Oxyvent Tank was a great idea still today 10 years later it is working as well as it did when it was first installed.”

Sarah Stafford, Co. Kerry

“My central heating was not heating all of the rooms in my house even though my oil boiler was always set at maximum heat. I heard about Oxyvent and had it installed in 2002. Since the Oxyvent Tank was installed, I have had heat entering every radiator in the house and there is always a supply of hot water in the house. The Oxyvent Tank also reduced the amount of oil I used annually by around 40%. I would highly recommend this product to family and friends. Quite a few of my family and friends have had the Oxyvent Tank fitted in their houses and are extremely satisfied with the savings in fuel and the increase in heat in their houses.”

Marie O’Leary, Co. Kerry

“We are so delighted with the Oxyvent Tank since we got it installed in 2005. We have mighty heat from the radiators, and they are hot all over, different than before. Everyone that comes in remarks on the heat and are amazed when they see how low the boiler temperature is set. Prior to putting it in I would have the boiler temperature set high, it is now set to minimum. The Hot water in the tap is now boiling, a big difference from before. I had big savings in my oil bills over the years and I would like to wish you every success with the Oxyvent tank. IT’S A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!”

Margaret, Tralee, Co. Kerry

“I installed the Oxyvent Tank in my oil fired heating system in 2008. Prior to installation I had a lot of trouble with air locks in my system. The Oxyvent Tank rectified this problem.

Since installation my yearly oil consumption is significantly lower and thankfully my heating is a lot more efficient. I would confidently recommend this product without any hesitation.”

Tom Browne, Co. Limerick

We answer your questions

August 07, 2020

How often were you given the same suggestions to fix radiators in rooms that don’t heat: Check for air in the system, Fit a larger pump, Check the water pressure, Check if the radiator valves are stuck, etc etc

July 11, 2020

Where Underfloor Heating is installed with a gas or oil boiler, hot and cold patches on the floor are quite common. It can get very uncomfortable when the floor overheats. What can we do about it?

June 04, 2020

People normally place their hand on the top section of the radiator to find out if their heating is operating properly. This is not the correct way to find out if your radiators are functioning efficiently.