Balancing Radiators

Balancing radiators Ireland

Balancing Radiators

If you’ve turned on your heating, and within half an hour you notice that some radiators are hotter than others – then a common suggestion you might hear is that you need to “Balance you Radiators”.

Balancing Radiators is the age old idea of taking water from one radiator that is working perfectly and trying to give it to one that is not. It’s another common “solution” thrown out by plumbers to a problem that again goes back to the issue of a poor flow rate – a problem you will never have with Oxyvent.

What is balancing?

Balancing is done by closing the valves on perfectly working radiators, to try and get the other ones to heat up better. This is usually followed by going back and forth, tweaking and tinkering with radiator valves until it feels like an improvement. But usually this solution is only temporary, because if your system has a poor flow rate – you’ll be back at square one before you know it. What makes it even more baffling is that there are actually no regulations, rule books, certification or standards for balancing radiators. It is literally left up to each individual’s discretion and is completely trial and error.

Well one thing we can tell you about Balancing Radiators is that independent tests have shown that the power output fluctuates in temperature so much, that the end result is still poor thermal comfort and a waste of fuel. If only there was an easier solution…!

The Oxyvent Solution

The Oxyvent System is self-balancing and increases your heating systems flow rate by up to 70%, with all radiators valves left fully open which also helps prevent the build-up of sludge.

Rooms will heat up faster and evenly, providing your home or business with a higher comfort level and eliminate maintenance costs from Plumbers.

Save time and up to 30% on your fuel bills with Oxyvent.


What our customers have to say

“My central heating was not heating all of the rooms in my house even though my oil boiler was always set at maximum heat. I heard about Oxyvent and had it installed in 2002. Since the Oxyvent Tank was installed, I have had heat entering every radiator in the house and there is always a supply of hot water in the house. The Oxyvent Tank also reduced the amount of oil I used annually by around 40%. I would highly recommend this product to family and friends. Quite a few of my family and friends have had the Oxyvent Tank fitted in their houses and are extremely satisfied with the savings in fuel and the increase in heat in their houses.”

Marie O’Leary, Co. Kerry

“We had our house built for over 30 years when we heard of the Oxyvent invention we decided to have it installed, as our heating never worked right. We always had cold rooms even though we had our oil on for most of the day. We are delighted with the Oxyvent Tank, it has totally changed the heat in the house. It is the speed of which the radiators heat is what we are delighted with. We are saving a lot of fuel and I would say that we are definitely saving over 30%. I am always singing its praises to all my friends and family.”

Mary Barrett, Co. Kerry

“Just a quick line to compliment you on a job well done. Irish people in general are quick to find faults, but slow to praise when things go well. Now that we are well into Winter and having lived through winters since 1986 with my heating system that was installed back then, my only regret is that I did not contact you earlier to install the Oxyvent Tank. Since its installation the heating is superb, gone are the cold spots on the radiators, gone also is the need to vent the radiators upstairs on a weekly basis, this need has been eliminated altogether. My fuel bill has reduced considerably and the need to increase the size of my boiler has also been eliminated.

I have always admired those who have excelled in their respective professions and it is in this regard that I can say thanks for a job well done.”

John Duggan, Co. Kerry

“We are the owners of Coolclogher House and the hot water and heating is one of our main priorities. What we found was the heating would be on and yet some of the rooms would feel like the radiators were not giving out any heat. We would have to bleed some of the radiators every couple of months or so. We found that the heating was performing very poorly. We had to turn off the radiators when we need the hot water for the guest otherwise we would run out when the demand was on.

We heard of Oxyvent and contacted them and he advised us on how he would address the problems we were having. We installed the Oxyvent Tank 8 years ago and it was the best investment we made. We now can have the hot water and heating on at the same time and never run out. The rooms heat up faster and are much warmer. We did not have to bleed our radiators since and it have also reduced our maintenance costs. We also have noticed a huge reduction in the amount of fuel we use and would say the saving is in the region of 30% or more.”

Maurice & Mary Harnett, Co. Kerry

“I installed the Oxyvent Tank in my oil fired heating system in 2008. Prior to installation I had a lot of trouble with air locks in my system. The Oxyvent Tank rectified this problem.

Since installation my yearly oil consumption is significantly lower and thankfully my heating is a lot more efficient. I would confidently recommend this product without any hesitation.”

Tom Browne, Co. Limerick

We answer your questions

August 07, 2020

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July 11, 2020

Where Underfloor Heating is installed with a gas or oil boiler, hot and cold patches on the floor are quite common. It can get very uncomfortable when the floor overheats. What can we do about it?

June 04, 2020

People normally place their hand on the top section of the radiator to find out if their heating is operating properly. This is not the correct way to find out if your radiators are functioning efficiently.